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¡¡Name£º Carlton ¡¡Time£º2007-09-19 08:02:23
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¡¡Name£º krista ¡¡Time£º2003-12-11 09:32:21
inuyasha is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
¡¡Name£º Takeshie ¡¡Time£º2003-03-14 08:53:00
Inuyasha!this is the suckiest drawing of him I ever saw well I should take that back my freind sara draws way worse do you watch Inuyasha ? I do I love that show I'm not trying to be mean but it suckes you can write me back by writing at the comment box make shure to put to takeshie so I no O ya how old R U ? I'm 13
¡¡Name£º Elise Rabke ¡¡Time£º2002-12-16 01:39:13

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